“6km” is the title of a documentary about the Bezdonys town, coming out this January. This will be the first documentary film about this town. “6km” is not only the distance from the capital but also the unedited stories of the Bezdonys residents”, says Valdemar Baran, an author of the project and student at Vilnius University.

The film talks to the ordinary inhabitants of the Bezdonys, who tell about their daily lives, what they like and what problems they face in this town. Interlocutors include a student who spends Friday nights having fun, a school principal and a cashier at a small private store. In the film, you will be able to hear and see the town in the way the locals see it. There are also stories about how the inhabitants manage to live with such an unusual name. “If we are going to live here, we won’t give anyone an address”, said one interviewee in the documentary.

The premiere of “6km” will take place in the very heart of Bezdonys – the Bezdonys Cultural Center. The choice of location is not accidental, as several interlocutors tell about the location in the movie itself. During the premiere, which will happen in the same place where the movie itself was filmed, everyone is invited to dive deeper into the movie. The premiere will take place on January 11th at 6 p.m. All residents of Bezdonys and the surrounding areas are invited as well as those who hear about this town for the first time. More about the event – 6km.lt/en.

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